The best way to have a well behaved dog is to train them consistently. Training shouldn’t be something that you only do with puppies to teach them the basics, it should be ongoing throughout your dog’s life. Not only will this lead to a happy dog that knows how to behave appropriately, it provides your pet with mental stimulation which keeps their mind sharp and prevents boredom.


One of the easiest ways to incorporate dog training into your daily life is by doing it on your walks. So grab your treat bag and get started today!


Loose Leash Training


The most obvious obedience training to do when walking your dog is loose leash training. Having a dog that behaves nicely on a leash makes dog walks a lot more enjoyable. Consider using a clicker to train your dog to walk next to you while on a leash. Simply click when they walk by your side, then treat. If they try to pull in one direction, then turn and walk in the opposite direction. This lets them know that if they want to go a certain way, the only way to do it is by walking nicely in a heel position.


Good Manners


Chances are that while you are walking there will be plenty of people who wants to pet your dog, so use the opportunity to teach them how to greet people politely. To do this, only let your dog be petted when they are in a sit. If they jump up, then they don’t get to be petted, if they sit nicely then they can get fussed as much as they want.


Stay and Recall


By putting your dog on a long leash, you can work on the ‘stay’ command and their recall at the same time. Put them into a stay and walk a few steps away before calling them to you, giving them a treat when they reach you. As your dog improves you can increase the distance between you.


Leave It


There are plenty of distractions outside, from critters your dog would like to chase to stinky trash they want to sniff. Use the ‘leave it’ command when you come across these temptations to teach your dog better self control.


There’s really no reason not to use your dog walk as a training opportunity. Give it a try, you might be surprised by the difference it makes in your dog.