Myths about the Raw Dog Food Diet

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Many dog owners are choosing to move away from commercial pet food and create their own raw meals for their pets. If you’re considering going raw with your canine’s meals, then you may be wondering

The 10 Best Dog Blogs to Follow Now

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If you’re looking for some new dog blogs to read then take a look at our top 10 favorites. Oh My Dog Blog Maggie from Oh My Dog and her pit-mixes Emmett and Cooper are

Do You Recognize when Your Dog is Stressed?

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It seems as though dogs are an open book when it comes to their emotions. They wag their tail when they are happy, give those sad puppy dog eyes when they are begging for food,

How to Travel with Your Dog

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How to Travel with Your Dog The thought of taking your dog away with you on a road trip, mini-break or vacation appeals to a lot of dog owners. Just picture it - exploring a

How to Stop your Dog Jumping on People

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One of the most common training issues that dog owners have is with their dog jumping up on guests. Allowing your dog to jump up on visitors may seem harmless, but it is an impolite

Geriatric Care for Dogs

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Older dogs that are in their twilight years are often overlooked in favor of cute little puppies, and fun loving adolescents. Senior dogs, however, have a lot to give. They often have wonderful characters, adore