House training a puppy needn’t be a nightmare, particularly when you start off with the right training routine. However, how do you cope when a puppy has already got into the habit of peeing inside the home. Breaking that habit can be a little bit tricky, but it certainly isn’t impossible. Try these steps to ensure your pup goes to the toilet outside.

1. Remember that your puppy doesn’t have full bladder control yet. Your puppy won’t be able to hold on to go to the toilet until they are around 6 months old. That means you need to be one step ahead of them. If they are going to be faced with an exciting opportunity, whether that is play time with a new toy or meeting a new person, give them the chance to go outside and empty their bladder first.
2. Put them on a potty schedule. Your puppy needs to go out to toilet when they first wake up, after eating a meal, after play time, after training and before going to bed for the night.
3. Deodorize the house. You may have thought that you cleaned up that pee, but your little dog can still smell it and he thinks it means that’s where his toilet is. Wherever your puppy pees inside, use special cleaning products which break down the proteins in the urine and totally neutralize the odor.
4. Forget about puppy pee pads – they only serve to teach your puppy that peeing inside is OK. Only let them pee outside.
5. Control them while outside. If your puppy is easily distracted and won’t go to the potty when you head outside, then keep them on a short lead and stay still in a ‘pee spot’ of your choosing. Don’t give them attention, and keep it business like.
6. Add a lot of praise, but make sure it is at the right moment. Wait until your puppy has finished going potty until you tell them how clever they are and shower them with praise. Otherwise, they may not empty their bladder properly and will do so as soon as you get back inside.
7. Be patient and consistent. It will take a while for your puppy to break out of the habit of peeing in the house. To speed up the process, consider taking them outside every hour to go to the toilet. This way you have plenty of opportunity to show them the right way of doing things, and you never let your puppy get to the point of having a full bladder.