Welcome to Snooty Pets

Snooty Pets was born in 1998 after the founders, Kevin and Stephanie, got married. Not long after they married, they began discussing the possibility of expanding their family. Nature took its course and it wasn’t long before Foxy made her entrance, a beautiful Shiba Inu puppy – the family of two became three and they were very happy, except they had one small problem. The problem was that their apartment was on the second floor, which made potty breaks a bit of a chore for mom and dad.

To try and make the best of a bad situation, Kevin lovingly built a wooden dog potty box and lined it with patches of grass. This idea worked great and Kevin and Stephanie knew that so many others could benefit, if only they could find a plastic manufacturer who could mass-produce these doggy potties. Alas, their attempts were not fruitful this time but it made them realize that there was a large void in the market for pet related products and services, which is when they decided to open Snooty Pets in January 1999.

Since 1999, Snooty Pets has grown a local following and is now excited to offer quality products, nationally. Almost two decades have passed since Snooty Pets was first opened and since then, we’ve helped thousands of pet owners treat their pets to the very best healthy dog treats and accessories and we can’t wait to help thousands more.

Our Products & Services


Snooty Pets offer professional and thorough grooming services that will leave your beloved pet(s) looking and feeling their very best. The well-appointed Snooty Pets salon is equipped with quality grooming equipment that is safe, clean and used by trained professionals. You can rest assure that your furry friend will be in great hands, whilst getting their pamper on in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Our groomers specialize in hand scissoring but extra grooming services, including paw resurfacing and moisturizing conditioner are available upon request, as well as many more. We recommend booking an appointment on weekends to secure a spot.

Healthy pet treats

Snooty Pets offer 20+ different varieties of all natural pet treats; some of our most popular include our chicken jerky for dogs, which comes in 4 flavors – Parmesan, Mint, Turmeric and Sweet Potato. All of our homemade pet treats are lovingly prepared, made fresh and contain no added preservatives or additives. Most treats are also wheat and gluten free. We are also happy to help you celebrate your fur babies’ birthday in style with our doggy birthday cakes. Just let us know your specifications and we’ll get onto creating your masterpiece.

Fun Accessories

We don’t mean to brag but we put the fun into accessorizing your pooch. From cute T shirts to personalized ID tags, custom harnesses and shampoos that we use on our grooming pups, Snooty Pets have something to suit most pooches. Our ID tags have proven to be particularly popular, with our purse holders and shampoos in close second. Our shelves are bursting with unique and quality goodies to pamper your pets with.


Feel free to call 702-396-5510 or come on down and have a chat with us any time, we’d love to discuss your pet’s unique needs.