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My dog left happy and looking squeaky clean! Very thorough when asking how you want your dog cut, which I appreciated since many groomers don’t ask. Nice service and was able to get in last minute, which was great. Look forward to our next return!
Brittany B.
I love this place! It is the only place we take our cat to get groomed. She has long hair and I don’t like her to look shaved and Kathy, the cat groomer, will trim her fur to just half an inch long at our request. They always do a nice job and are kind to all the pets and pet owners coming in and out when we are there. We wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Jamie J.
My dog loves their baked treats ! The first time I came the cashier recommended me their most popular baked treat which was the liver brownie and turkey meatball. The second time the cashier was so nice she got me fresh baked treats from the back and they were still warm in the bag ! So now every time I get boba I always make sure to stop by to get them more treats, plus super inexpensive !
Jen A.
I came in to pick up my dogs birthday cake and a couple of spontaneous treats. She made my first experience here a great one and I will definitely return when I need stuff for my doggy!
Jeanine M.
Referred to this place by my vet and a friend. They did the best job on Lola that she has ever had!! Will definitely be using them from here on. The place was spotless and they have some really great baked goods! Lola smells so good and I am totally impressed!!
Sydnee J.
My dogs love their homemade turkey meatballs they do a very good job on my cocker spaniel’s, they always come back looking amazing and their ears are detailed and clean.
Goldie B.
First I want to say that my dog loves the Turkey Burgers..so those treats get a 10/10 The turkey burgers are soft, moist, and smell so good that you will want to eat them. They also freeze well if you want to stock up like we do.

Grooming: I have a Rat Terrier w/ short hair and smooth coat so no trimming or cutting is needed. She gets a bath, nails filed, and her teeth brushed. I have always been extremely satisfied w/ the service and care my dog receives at Snooty Pets. I have been a loyal customer since 2005 and have never had any complaints or issues. Great friendly staff and they offer a “Teacher’s Pet” option to add to your service where they won’t put your dog in a cage. I personally choose this option so my dog doesn’t have to be in a cage. They know my dog by name when we walk in the door even when they aren’t expecting us…we pop in for the Turkey Burgers when we are in the area. The owner takes pride in the Salon and it shows. I would highly recommend this Salon to anyone.

M D.
They are so good to my little Ava! I’ve tried so many doggie groomers and this one is my fave. They keep track of her lengths and know what I like. Not to mention they care a lot about the pets. I highly recommend!
Alexis M.
I’ve taken my cocker spaniel Daisy to Petco and a few other dog groomers, but snooty pets is my favorite. I recently decided to shave her long hair for the summer and was a bit skeptical at first but she turned out beautiful! Her feet are perfectly rounded and her ears are still long and wavy. She always leaves happy after a few treats from their amazing bakery as well:)
Samantha S.
They take great care of my two canine family members. Both seem to be happy with their bath and toenail clipping. One of my Boston’s is not particularly outgoing and doesn’t like many people other than me and she tolerates this environment well because they are so caring and gentle with her nervous soul. The other girl seems to enjoy her experience.
They are always treated to a Turkey Ball for their troubles and I sometimes buy extra for my friends canine family. We are kind of stuck on certain treats and haven’t tried many, but the dogs have loved all of the treats we have tried.
Laura H.
Such a cool little place for my dog. The service is awesome and my dog always looks great after a trip here. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Also, try the chicken jerky 😉 5 stars!
Nate H.
My dogs love the liver brownies and chicken parmesan sticks. They are groomed regularly and I’m pleased with the service. Staff and owner are nice.
Res I.
While I’ve gotten many treats and even a doggie birthday cake from Snooty Pets, it was my first time taking my two dogs for a grooming here. They came back happy and looking great! I usually take my dogs to Petsmart grooming but will definitely be coming back to Snooty Pets instead. I thought it was a great price for all that was included in the grooming, and the friendly and knowledgeable staff made me feel comfortable leaving my furry family members in their hands.
Lynn S.
I took my pup Bailey here for the first time last week and I couldn’t be happier. The receptionist was very pleasant, the groomer (Cathy) did a very thorough job and the price was the same as other places that didn’t do a very good job. The $45 was well worth it to have her groomed right the first time. I’m very pleased with my first experience and will be back.
Tiffany S.
Loved taking my pomeranian there. The groomers were so friendly. The owner of the store is so understanding, she would stay a half hour after they were closed so I could pick her up after work, plus my dog always leave happy.
Alicia M.
I don’t usually take my dogs to grooming shops because in my experience they were not very clean and staff not very professional. I saw an ad of snooty pets and liked the picture of their store. I must say my first impression was wow; is this place for dogs. The smell of their baking was pleasant and staff greeted me in a friendly manner. I filled out all the info about my 3 poms and explained that I wanted lion cuts. The said it would take about 4 hours and they would call once they were complete. I felt very at ease leaving my pups with them. So once I picked my pups up, the hair cut looked really good & neat and they felt & smelled very clean. My poms were happy which is most important. I will be a regular customer now!
Kandy S.
Very happy with every groom for last 4 years. My groomer Kathy comes out and talks to me every appointment even though she is very busy! Will not trust any other shop with my babies.
Snooty pets have been grooming my two dogs for 8 years and the groomers are professional, caring and their work is the best. They do have many groomers so you can ask for the same groomer and that is not a problem. As long as I communicate what type of cut I want they will do a “fab” job. The store is the cleanest shop in town, their staff is friendly and helpful, they stock the coolest supplies and their bakery treats “Turkey burgers”, my dog go nuts over them. The most important fact is that my dogs are HAPPY when I pick them up!
Steve W
Snooty Pets is awesome. They have all the best accessories you could ever imagine for your fur babies. And their treats are a huge hit. They really know what they’re doing here.!
Kyra D.
My whole family has been taking their pets to Snootys since I was in high school. I’ve cheated a few times on holidays when they are super busy but I always go back realizing how great a job they do. I’ve tried a few of their groomers and all have their own ways of cutting but only once was I disappointed. The treats are a must when you go. My dogs wont leave until they get something yummy.
Jenn C.
All my neighbors take their pets to Snooty Pets so thought id give it a try. I really like how clean it was staff warm and my dog seems to love going. He didn’t like the turkey burger but then again he loves peanut butter. I go during the week cause Saturdays are bit of a mad house in there.
Davi J.
Recently took my two puppies for their first grooming at this location, and was very pleased! They keep specific notes on what you’d like to have done and who took care of your baby. I absolutely love their selection of homemade healthy dog treats. Everyone on their staff is very pleasant too.
Kake K.
I Love this Place! The staff there are Great.. They ask the right questions and are so sweet to my Babies. I talked with a couple customers that were there dropping off their pups and they have been going there for Over 8 years!!!.. My babies came out looking Beautiful and very Happy. I will definitely return here for my Babies next Groom 🙂 my Doggies LOVED the Turkey Burgers they make there. They are very Busy through out the week so it’s to call for an appointment ahead of time!
Thank You Snooty Pets 🙂
Ronald K.
I love this little store!! The staff is excellent and super helpful. I tried them for grooming and my dog never looked better. I will definitely be back. One of the cleanest grooming shops I have been to. My dog loved the liver brownies and he is very finicky.
Jody G.
What a professional business. A friend turned me on to this place as she has been going to snooty pets for years. What a clean store! My 3 dogs looked and felt really good. staff were helpful, lots of neat products and their treats are freshly baked every day which my dogs love. I will surely be a regular.
Sanora T.
Love this place. I have Pit bulls & the staff didn’t look at them in a bad way that most people do. They came and loved up on my sweet doggys like I wish everybody would do. The pricing is quite reasonable. The hats for birthdays we’re roughly 9 dollars or so, but they broke instantly. (Because my dogs, the quality was decent) customer service was great. & will be coming in for the rest of my life.
I love it and my boys love it there too. They love the attention they get from the ladies (: the dog treats I bought a bunch, my boys loved them. The Baker made 2 cupcakes right when she walked in and I was so grateful! Definitely recommend going here.
Yuki Y.
This is the best place to take your pets they are treated with love just like at home….my dogs love there treats natasha is the best groomer she always leaves my babies just how i want them.
Rebeca P.
My dogs love the liver brownies and Chicken Parmesan Sticks. They are groomed regularly and I’m pleased with the service. Staff and owner are nice.
Ski B.
Absolutely loved the services! My pooch has never looked better and the atmosphere is super friendly! The homemade chicken jerky they have was a nice plus, as well. 5 stars!!!!
Heidi L.
Only the best care for my dogs and this place is the best. I tried a lot of groomers and Snooty Pets I found had the nicest staff. My dogs always look and smell great. They can be a little slow but I’d prefer they take their time then rush and do a crappy job. Their homemade chicken and sweet potato jerky is my dogs favorite.
Daniel W.
I bought my little Auzzy a birthday cupcake at this spot and he loved it! It was carrot cake flavor and it was nice and soft for him to consume easily. They have a lot of great products here but they’re pretty pricey. The front desk lady was really nice and helpful. This was my first impression and I plan to get my Yorkie groomed here the next time I visit.
Krystal C.
I used to get my dog groomed at my vet, but I no longer do because the lady who was working there could not accommodate to the style we wanted. We have a Poodle/Bichon mix, but we like to have him cut like a Bichon rather than a Poodle. We decided to give Snooty Pets a try and now we are regulars!

When we first went there to get Simba groomed, they showed us various pictures that we could select from. They also wrote down all of the specifics and helped us select the cut. Carla always does a great job! Once she’s done and we want some changes, she is always willing to do so.

The staff is super nice and they always give Simba some treats or an extra treat when we purchase from their bakery. We also love the salmon dog food available in the fridge. We like to mix it with his regular food, and our dog loves it!

Overall, great service, friendly staff, and skilled groomers!

Christine K.



Our Passion

At Snooty Pets we love animals as much as our customers do, from our all natural pet treats to our grooming service, you’ll find that we always have your pet’s best interests at heart. Why not try some of our jerky for dogs.  If you can’t head down to our dog bakery in Las Vegas in person, we’ll  ship to your door super fresh!

We know that your furry friend loves tasty  pet  treats – that’s why Snooty Pets uses only the freshest ingredients in our healthy pet treats, cooked up right here in our kitchen in Las Vegas, Nevada. In fact, this is one of the things we’re known for! Our  gourmet dog treats are so fresh that most require refrigeration to keep them at their best.

With over 20 lip-smacking healthy dog treats to choose from there’s plenty of options that your four-legged pal will love. From apple and cinnamon cookies to Parmesan chicken jerky these are no ordinary treats! With over 12 years experience in making treats we know small breeds love soft treats and we have a great selection of soft and moist treats. Our canine chefs pack in lots of goodness with delicious ingredients such as sweet potatoes, but we don’t use fillers or preservatives. So when you buy from us, you can rest assure that your furry friend is chewing on products that not only taste great, but are good for them too.

To give your pet an extra treat, why not visit our pet salon? Our grooming salon pampers even the pickiest of pets, leaving your dog or cat fresh, happy and clean. We specialize in hand scissoring and cater to all breeds of dogs and cats, large and small that are in need of a bath, nail clipping/ filing, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, haircut and spruce up. If you really want to spoil your dog, extra services include a moisturizing treatment, a 15-minute massage and paw resurfacing – they’ll leave looking immaculate and glamorous. We also stock apparel and accessories, all carefully selected and given the Snooty Pets seal of approval!

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