There is a lot to think about when you get a puppy. Take a look at our run down of the puppy essentials every new dog owner needs.

Collar and Leash

Even though you may not be taking your puppy on walks for a few weeks, depending on how old they are and if they have had their vaccinations, it’s a good idea to get them used to a collar and leash from the start.

ID Tag

Make sure the collar has an identification tag, including your contact information, attached! If your little pup gets lost or makes an escape attempt, you want them to be found and returned to you.

Poop Bags

This is a no-brainer – every dog owner needs plenty of poop bags! Be responsible and pick up after your pooch. Keep poop bags in every bag and jacket pocket and you’ll never find yourself stuck without one in an emergency!

Crate, Playpen and Baby Gates

It can be helpful to have somewhere safe to put your pup when you can’t keep a close eye on them. By setting up a secure area they will have somewhere you know they can’t get into trouble, and they feel comfortable and familiar in.


Every pup needs somewhere snug to lay their head and have a snooze. What type of bedding you choose will depend on your puppy. Some pups will love curling up in a plush bed while others will only want to rip the stuffing out of them and will be better with a pile of blankets until they can be trusted.

Food and Water Bowls

Food and water bowls are of course an absolute essential! Ceramic bowls are heavier and are harder for pups to tip and make a mess, as well as keeping water cooler for longer.

Food and Treats

Take advice from your breeder or rescue centre about which food they have been weaned onto and stick with it until their stomachs mature a bit more. Arm yourself with puppy friendly treats for that all important training.


Choose a variety of different style toys to entertain your puppy. Fluffy toys, squeaky toys, rubbery toys, rope toys, balls and tug toys are all good to start with. You’ll soon find that your new pooch has a preference for a certain type, so keep your collection small but varied to begin with.