This year, why not concentrate a little more effort into improving your dog’s quality of life? No matter how much we love our canine companions or how much we would do to make them happy, there’s always a little bit more that we can do to make their lives amazing. Here are just a few suggestions on how to improve your dog’s quality of life in 2017.

Break Up the Day

If you don’t have anything other than a walk or two planned for your hound each day then they may get a bit bored in between those outings. To keep them entertained and happy even when it isn’t walk time, why not add some extra activities to the daily routine? It could be play time in the yard, a game of chase, or even trick training. Mix it up by changing the activity every day!

Ask Yourself What your dog Really Loves Doing

We all know that most dogs love three things – treats, toys, and petting. The truth is though, that some dogs love certain toys, games and cuddles more than others. Try figuring out what your dog really loves, and what he isn’t so keen on. Maybe he loves balls but isn’t fussed by soft toys, or adores ear rubs but could take or leave that tummy rub.

Try making DIY Dog Food

There are a lot of good dog foods on the market these days, but for something truly special you could make your dog their very own dog food. You’ll know exactly what goes into the food, including all his favorite flavors from his most loved meat to his absolute favorite veggies, and he’ll be one happy pup!

Find the Perfect Pet Sitter

Every dog owner should have a well trusted pet sitter in their little black book. It means that you will always have someone you can rely on and know your dog has a good bond with, should you unexpectedly need help caring for your dog.

Make Dinner Time a Game

Do you feed your dog kibble? If so, you can say goodbye to your pet food bowl! Make feeding time a fun and mentally stimulating game, by breaking up his portions into small piles and hiding them throughout the house or yard for your dog to hunt out. Dog’s love playing this game and working for their food, it gives them a great sense of satisfaction.