Ah, the eternal struggle – dog owner versus dog hair. Whilst there are breeds of dog which don’t shed much, if at all, most dog owners know the battle of keeping dog hair out of the home all too well. However, you needn’t let the fur and fluff take over your home – with these simple tips, dog hair in the home can become a thing of the past.

Have a Regular Routine

The number one tip for keeping your home dog hair free is to create a special cleaning routine and stick to it. Owners of dogs that shed heavily will need to use an electrostatic mop and vacuum cleaner every day to keep on top of the dog hair. You’ll also need to clean dog bedding and blankets on a regular basis, as they can harbor pet hair which then gets thrown up into the air every time your pooch decides to relax in his favorite sleeping spot.

Keep up your Grooming Duties

As well as having a regular home cleaning routine, you need to keep up your dog grooming duties. Be sure to take them to the dog grooming salon frequently, and brush and comb your dog to remove dead hair at home.

Choose Machine Washable Textiles

Opt for slip covers on your couch, as well as plenty of machine washable blankets and throw rugs. This makes furniture much easier to rid of pet hair, as you can simply throw the covers in the laundry. Pet hair is very good at sticking to fabrics and textiles, so sticking with machine washable choices will make getting rid of it much easier.

Pick your Accessories Well

The next time you are considering getting a new vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner or even a mop, look for products which are specifically created to pick up pet hair. Whilst they may seem more expensive, they often do a far superior job – particularly when it comes to vacuum cleaners which can struggle to lift pet hair that is deeply embedded in rugs and carpets.

Try a Hack

There are plenty of life hacks which people have discovered in a bid to say goodbye to pet hair from their home. Try using a squeegee to pick up dog hair from car upholstery. Pull up deep down pet hair from carpets with the help of a pumice stone. You could even run a dryer sheets along the tops of your baseboards – the anti static properties stops dog hair from accumulating.