For every owner that adores their dog, there are a few golden rules to follow.


Daily Walks are Non-Negotiable


If you want to know the number one secret to owning a well adjusted and contented hound, all you have to do is look at their walking schedule. For a dog, going out for a walk at least once per day isn’t just about stretching their legs. A walk fulfills a basic primal need to socialize, take in new smells, sounds and sights and generally enjoy the world around them. To your dog, a good walk is like settling down to watch your favorite TV show – it’s fun, entertaining, interesting and ultimately relaxing.


Mental Stimulation is as Important as Physical Exercise


While those daily walks will provide a good amount of mental stimulation, by setting aside time to truly focus on keeping your dog’s brain active you will do them good in the long and short run. Playing puzzles and games such as hide and seek with your dog allow them to burn up excess energy and make a calmer pooch, while also keeping their minds healthy as they age.


Training Opportunities are Everywhere


Whether you are with your dog while greeting a friend, going to a coffee shop, or on a car ride, there are nearly always training opportunities available for you and your dog. Practice how well they settle and relax whilst you enjoy a coffee, reinforce good behavior when meeting people at the door, and let them know they are doing well when they sit calmly in the car.


Keep Them in Great Health


You alone are responsible for your dog’s well being, so treat them well. Don’t skip on check ups with the vet, make sure that their coats don’t develop matting and uncomfortable tangles, and give them the best nutrition possible.


Never Take your Dog for Granted


The most important rule is to appreciate your dog every day. You will never find a creature that loves you so wholeheartedly, compassionately and unconditionally. Dogs are very special animals. Yes they can be hard work sometimes and they can be so mischievous that they might have you pulling your heart out now and again, but they are also some of the greatest friends we will ever have. Sadly, their lives are incredibly short compared with our own, so don’t let a day go by when you don’t appreciate how wonderful your best buddy really is.