New Year’s Resolutions don’t just benefit you, they are a great idea for your dog too. Take a look at our 10 ideas for New Year’s Resolutions for you and your dog.


Eat Well


Dogs need a diet that is balanced and healthy. Consider swapping out some of those dog cookies for healthier treats like carrots or raw meaty bones.


Quality Time


Set aside pockets of time that are all about your four legged friend – have a cuddle, get down on the floor with them to play, or toss around a ball in the yard. Give them your undivided attention.


Get Educated


The better you understand your dog, the better your relationship with each other will be. Read up on the latest news about canine behavior and body language.


Train More


Training isn’t just for puppies – it should take place throughout a dog’s life. It can be hard to remember that as your dog gets older. Revisit basic obedience training or try some new techniques.


Help the Less Fortunate


There are so many dogs in need of some help, so why not step up to the challenge? You could donate or fundraise for a local rescue centre, walk an elderly neighbor’s dog or volunteer at a shelter.


Exercise Daily


See if you can get through every day of the year without missing a walk. Daily walks are a vital part of our dog’s emotional and physical wellbeing.


Keep up Regular Grooming


Regular grooming not only ensures your dogs look and smell amazing but it keeps them comfortable too, so schedule your groomer’s appointments and don’t forget frequent brushing at home.


Make Time for Play


All dogs love to play. Whether it’s fetch, chase, running or tug, figure out which games your dog adores and indulge them with it whenever you can.


Stress Less


Dogs can be messy and they can be mischievous. It can be so easy to get angry when they knock something over or have a chew on that shoe that was left in reaching distance. Mistakes are bound to happen now and again. Laugh it off and both your and your dog’s life will be a little stress stressful this year.


Try Something New


Why not take up a new hobby, there are plenty to choose from! Consider learning canine cross country training, taking up agility or even training your hound as a therapy dog. What will you and your dog get up to in 2017?