Dogs aren’t just pets, they are a part of the family. Our dogs brighten up our lives and make the world a happier place, what better time to show them how grateful we are to them than during Thanksgiving?


This year, don’t let your canine companion miss out on the festivities of Thanksgiving dinner. There are plenty of delicious parts of the Thanksgiving meal that are not only safe and tasty for hounds, but nutritious too.


If you’d like your dog to be able to join the fun and enjoy a bowl of Thanksgiving Dinner then don’t be tempted to go overboard. Whilst we might happily fill our bellies full of that festive grub before relaxing for the rest of the day, dogs have a more sensitive stomach and digestive system than we do. Stick to a few rules to make sure that your Thanksgiving doesn’t end up into a trip to the emergency vet thanks to a pooch with an upset stomach.


Don’t stray too far from your dog’s usual diet. Dogs don’t handle sudden changes to their diet very well. If they aren’t used to eating fresh ‘human’ food and usually only eat kibble, then a small slice of turkey and couple of pieces of vegetables with their usual meal will be a nice treat for them without causing stomach ache.


Save them the simple food. Steer clear from dishes that contain lots of seasoning, herbs, butter or cream. Remember that onions and garlic are toxic to dogs and dairy can cause diarrhea. So, instead of choosing the more complicated dishes give your dogs the simple, whole foods like plain vegetables.


Let them tuck into the turkey, but bones and skin is a no-no. While turkey is lean and very nutritious for your dog, the skin is fatty and difficult to digest. Cooked turkey bones can be dangerous to feed to dogs as they splinter and block the digestional tract.


A good option for your dog’s thanksgiving dinner, provided they are used to eating fresh foods, is a mixture of mashed sweet potato, shredded skinless turkey meat, a small amount of freshly prepared cranberry sauce, and oats. This will give your much loved pet a truly special yet balanced thanksgiving treat.


Alternatively, try slow roasting slices of sweet potato in the oven for a few hours for some awesome crispy treats which are really healthy and your pup will adore!