Stuffed Hooves


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We take our cow hooves and stuff them with our ground chicken, rice and cheese.

Price includes 1  Stuffed Hoove.


Our tasty stuffed hooves are long lasting and delicious. The finest ground chicken, rice and cheese is used to stuff each hoof. Your pooch will have no problem tirelessly working their way through the flavorsome center before using the remaining hoof as a chew toy for days afterwards – treats and entertainment rolled into one.

  • Refrigeration required.
  • Price includes 1  Stuffed Hoove

1 review for Stuffed Hooves

  1. Angie Porter

    If you’re looking for a treat that is also a bit of a project for your dog then this is certainly the thing to buy. It will take them hours and hours to get through and he is certain to have a good time too! The healthy ingredients is a plus also.

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