Instagram is full to bursting with pet pictures. Everyone with a smartphone, an Instagram account and a four legged friend has shared a snap of their much loved pooch. However, there are some hounds which have the edge when it comes to getting Insta-famous, and that’s a great dress sense.

Consider yourself a slave to fashion? Think you know which trends are hot and which are not? Even the most seasoned follower of fashion has nothing on these stylish canine Instagram stars. Looking for some wardrobe inspiration for your pup or even yourself? These are the most fashionable Instagram dogs you really should be following.

Menswear Dog

Bohdi is the Shiba Inu better known as Menswear Dog. He is arguably one of the best known dogs on Instagram thanks to his sharp sense of style. He knows how to rock a suit and some shades, and his cool look has gained him not only 280,000 followers but also his own fashion book entitled ‘Menswear Dog: The New Classics’.

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Honey I Dressed the Pug

Still considered something of a rising talent with close to 14,000 followers, Aria the pug is a star in the making. We predict big things for this small pup. Based in London, Aria’s Instagram feed is a dream of color, cuteness and first class fashion, all beautifully photographed.

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Nobody smiles for the camera quite like Remix the Miniature Schnauzer. Remix’s excellent photogenicity has earned him places in glossy magazines like Glamour and Elle, as well as an incredible 93,400 Instagram followers. He has a preference for spectacles and patterned shirts, and boy does he suit them!

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Toby Little Dude

Giving Remix a run for his money in the ‘who wears eyeglasses best’ category is an adorable fluffy Maltese based in Canada, called Toby Little Dude. 11 year old Toby, or ‘Tobes’ as he is also known, has a bit of a hipster vibe to his fashion ensembles. Trilby hats and bow ties are a favorite choice, but he’s happy to swap his more formal hats for a baseball cap when the mood strikes.

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If your dog is looking to get famous on Instagram then it might be time to update their wardrobe with all the latest trends. Make sure you check out our guide to dressing your dog, and they’ll be on the cover of Vogue on no time.