Most dog owners just love to take photographs of their gorgeous pooches, after all – they are so photogenic! If you’re one of the many dog lovers who just can’t stop snapping pics of their pup, then why not mix things up with some new and easy ideas for DIY pet photography?


A Different Perspective


Most dog photographs are taken from above, with the dog looking up. Get a different perspective by moving down to their level next time you take a photograph. You could even lie down on the floor and look up at them for a really unique angle!


A Custom Background


Are all your dog’s photographs taken in the same spot? Move to a new scene. Head out on a different walk and capture it, or you could even hang some fun and colorful fabric at home for an awesome backdrop to your photoshoot.


Use Props


Candid photographs are often the best, and that is true for pet photography as much as anyone else. So, why not get the camera out while your dog is playing with his favorite toy, snuggled in a blanket or munching on a tasty chew. Alternatively, set the scene with a fun costume, glasses, hats or scarves and play dress up!


Play Time


If your dog doesn’t like to stay still for a photo then make it into a game by incorporating play time! Head outside and grab a ball, tug toy, frisbee or your dog’s most loved outdoors toy and let loose. It can be difficult juggling play time and taking good photographs, so take as many as you can in order to pick out a few good quality shots when you’re done. Take the photographs somewhere with plenty of light, use a fast shutter speed and if your camera has a sports or action mode then use it.


Get Up Close and Personal


The most touching pet photography captures not just how the dog looks but its personality too. Try to get a photograph of them looking at the camera, in a close up shot. To do this, you need to wait till your dog is in the right mood and has focus, and you’ll need to keep their attention with treats and toys.


The more you practice taking photographs of your dog in new, fun and interesting ways the better you photography skills will become, and the sooner your pup will get used to having his photo taken.