Dogs love to be a special part of Christmas and the Holidays. They lap up the attention, those extra treats and the leftovers from Christmas dinner. We adore letting our dogs join in the festivities, and what better way to give your pup the special Christmas treatment with their own special outfit for the big day? If your dog loves to dress up, then take a look at our Christmas outfit ideas for your dog, no matter what their style may be.

For the Classy Dog

Your pooch doesn’t need to dress like a Christmas tree to show they are in the holiday spirit, some dogs prefer a more classic style. Why not get them party ready with a chic bow tie, or a pretty bow?

For the Minimalist Dog

If your pooch doesn’t like to wear much more than a collar, then a bandanna in a festive pattern could be the perfect choice. They don’t feel any different to your dog’s usual collar, making them ideal for hounds that don’t relish the thought of playing dress up.

For Santa’s Dog

Does your dog have dreams of hanging out with Santa Claus? Well, if they are going to help Father Christmas with his job then they need to look the part! A pair of antlers looks adorable on any hound, and they’ll be all set for sleigh pulling duties.

For the Fun-loving Dog

You can’t go wrong with a Christmas jumper at this time of the year, and that’s just as true for your dog’s outfit choices as yours! A fun, cheerful doggy jumper featuring Christmas trees, snowmen, penguins or Rudolf will be a sure fire hit on the the 25th of December.

For the Showstopping Dog

If your dog loves to dress up and basks in all the attention that wearing a cute outfit gets him or her, then why not go all out? A dog Santa costume is the obvious choice for a show stopping Christmas outfit, but why not consider other possibilities too? There are lots of fun options including gingerbread men costumes, elf fancy dress and snug Christmas onesies. Alternatively, a dog tuxedo or party dress will ensure any canine prince or princess looks the part.

If you are planning on dressing your dog up for Christmas, then make sure you take a look at the Owner’s Guide to Dressing your Dog.