All of us have at least been tempted to dress our dog in a cute little outfit of their own. Whether it’s something as simple as a bandanna, or as full on as a different frock every day of the week, the trend for canine couture is bigger than ever.


If you love the thought of giving your pooch some style then there are a few simple rules to follow. While some pups will strut like a supermodel when they’re wearing the latest trends, others don’t take to fashion with enthusiasm. Follow Snooty Pet’s guide to dressing your dog, and ensure your dog is not only well dressed but happy too.


Start Small

If your dog has never been dressed up before then it’s likely to be quite a confusing experience for them. Ease them into wearing outfits by starting off with an accessory like a bow tie.


Go Slow

If your dog is wary of new things, then let them get used to the clothes before you even consider putting them on your pup. Leave them somewhere that they can see them and get used to how they look and smell.

Consider Comfort

If you want your dog to be happy in its fancy new clothes then comfort is important. Make sure that the clothes fit right – you don’t want any rubbing or your dog is going to spend every second trying to free itself. Equally, you don’t want anything too loose which your dog is going to trip over or get wrapped up in.

Stock Up on Treats

When it comes to getting the dog into the outfit, you’ll need plenty of treats and toys. The moment that your dog is all dressed up, it’s time to play! Have fun with toys, play games and reward your dog with delicious treats and lots of praise. They will soon learn that dressing up is a heap of fun.


Never leave a dressed up dog alone as it could be dangerous. Your dog could end up pulling clothing over their heads, or they could get caught on something. Keep an eye out for signs of stress and discomfort, and remove the clothing if they seem unhappy.

With a bit of patience and plenty of high value treats, your dog will adore being the height of fashion in a range of adorable outfits.